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FREE SEO Analysis
Find out which are the actions that need to be prioritized to get results ASAP!
SEO Consultancy
Whenever you are "stuck" or you feel that do not know what to do next, contact us!
SEO Strategy and Implementation
Let's talk about the action plan that will get you closer to your desired results!

Results that makes us proud

Ecommerce - Electrical Vehicles

From 31.000 RON sales to 201.000 RON sales per month from SEO in 6 months

Ecommerce - Online Flower Shop

From 9045 RON sales to 58.350 RON sales from SEO in 9 months (YOY Analysis)

Ecommerce - Online Chocolate Shop

From 0.80% conversion rate to 2.05% conversion rate from SEO in 4 months

Services Website

From 0 to 25.000 monthly traffic from SEO

Services Website

From 286 to 3948 monthly traffic from SEO

Services Website

From 0 to 4000 monthly traffic from SEO

What our clients say about us

The most important reasons
to do SEO on your website

Most of the people use Google to search for information, solutions, answers to various questions, they do the research before buying offline in a store or buying products online.

You are there, exactly where users search for products and services

Customers come directly on your website without paying for ads

We target (patterns of) searches in Google

The quieries that people use are recurring

You do not pay per click

You do not pay for interaction/impression

We grow the conversion rate of your website by improving the customer's experience

What usears search for is "what the market wants" and you can improve your product mix

Schedule a FREE 30 minutes phone call

Schedule a FREE
30 minutes phone call

Hi, my name is Andreea Faur

I help businesses grow since 2014. I mostly optimize websites that
are in Romanian, English and Italian.

-> Bachelor's Degree - Letters Faculty, Babes Bolyai University Cluj -
Italian and English Literature

-> Master's Studies in Italian and Romanian - Letters Faculty, Babes Bolyai University Cluj -
Multilingual and Multicultural Comunication

-> Postuniversitary Course (2 years) - Technical University from Cluj -
Applied Informatics and Programming

-> From Octomber 2022, I teach students SEO at the Technical University from Cluj,
at the following department DECIFR - Applied Informatics and Programming

Pleased to meet you, the SEOholic team

Andreea Faur

General Manager SEOholic

Maier Catalin

Business Developer

We are looking for new colleagues!

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Before talking about optimizing your website, it is important to have a look at it and analyze it. This way, we will be able to create an action plan and to talk about priorities.

Here are our phone number and our email address if your want to talk to us before analyzing your website.


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